Safety first

Achieving Excellence in health and safety is a constant goal

Mersen is committed to developing and consolidating a health and safety culture across the Group through three main tools:

  • Accountability
  • Risk Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement.

The best form of prevention in the field is a constant awareness amongst employees of health and safety issues.
This awareness begins from the moment they become part of our Group when they undertake a mandatory security module. Clear and comprehensible rules are disseminated and explained at length.


These golden rules constitute the backbone of our operations. Developing a strong safety culture and ensuring its employees’ protection in terms of health and after retirement are key priorities at Mersen.


Mersen Safety golden rules

They cover:

  • Traffic
  • Body/Posture/Tools
  • Protective Equipment
  • Working on Powered systems
  • Lifting
  • Working at height
  • Confined Space
  • High-risk situations
  • Simultaneous operations
  • Forklift and Storage at height


Golden rules in Hindi

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